Sims 3

Sims 3 belongs to the franchise of the very popular and critically acclaimed series The Sims, originally created by Maxis. It is scheduled for release on June 2, 2009 for the PC and phone. It is an upcoming strategic life simulation computer game. The developers claim that in contrast to the previous versions the houses and the neighborhoods will be seamless, allowing players to explore and interact with their neighborhood without a lot of loading time.

What they say is “What you do outside your home now matters as much as what you do within.” There have been many changes in the game play like

  • The Sims 1 and 2 had 8 needs but the Sims 3 has only 6 of them. They are hunger, bladder, energy, social, hygiene and fun. The comfort and environment have been removed. Both of them are now represented by moodlets. Moodlets are the attributes that are acquired through special events like wedding, and minor events like tooth brushing.
  • The needs will also have only 3 stages, red, yellow and green.
  • None of the main features from the expansion pack such as Sim going to the college wilnot be available.
  • In Sims 3 the paintings that the Sims paint will be more unique to each Sim based on their traits.
  • You will also find difficulty levels for each family.
  • Sims 3 also has hospitals where pregnant Sims may give birth
  • and bicycles for riding along the neighborhood.

There has been a change in the creation of the Sims too. Create-a-sim is the character builder, where the 3Dmodels of the Sims can be modified by changing various properties that were unavailable in the previous versions. Now the players can create a sim in consideration to the aspects like weight, fitness, height, clothing etc. also the footwear and headwear can be chosen. Sims can be given permanent marks like birthmarks and the individual eye color.

The neighborhood exploration has also been changed in Sims 3. Sims can now explore the neighborhood without much of the loading time. Players can also each of the buildings in the neighborhood. Like the player can enter his neighbor’s house by ringing the door bell. Each job has a building designated to it and the player can control the sim by telling them to work overtime, laze around or listen to the boss.
But when in the office the player cannot see his sim but can control its actions to some extent.

Another major change in the Sims 3 is that when a player goes out of the house the family stays back independently. Meaning a lot can change at home before the player comes back. Unlike Sims 2 where nothing changed till the player stepped back in the house.

So in Sims 3 one can actually live a complete life. Though virtual its complete in the sense that the player can do mostly everything one does in real life like attending college, getting married, visiting friends, giving birth and many more such everyday things. This game may actually give a sense of satisfaction to the people who want to live life on their terms. And a player can live a complete virtual life other than the real one.

So if you’re into this sort of thing be sure to check it out.

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